Comparison of the Basic and Premiere Accounts


Basic Account

Premiere Account

Company Capture Pages 7 Company Pages All Company Pages
Generic Capture Pages All Generic Pages
Create Your Own Pages
Maximum System Leads 100 Unlimited
Monthly Email Limit* 1,000 10,000
Broadcast Frequency Daily
Text Notifications
Auto Responders
Inviter Plugin
Email Support
Purchase Imported Leads
Portable HTML Form Code
3rd Party Auto Responders
(supports Aweber, GetResponse, GVO, Pure Leverage, iContact, Trafficwave, Benchmark Email, Imnica)

* Monthly Email Limit: the number of email messages sent out from your personal system including auto responder messages. Note, the Basic System only allows 100 per month limit, which can be met quickly from obtaining tour takers enrolling through your Personal Capture Pages and receiving the auto responder letters.

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