Refund Policy / Guarantee offers a one hundred percent (100%) 7-day money back guarantee* for all customers.

To obtain the full refund a customer must cancel in writing (by email) before the 7-day grace period expires.

An email must be sent to with the subject 'cancel account'. Also provide in the email body the reason for cancellation.

The customer is responsible to terminate their subscription to marketing system via the payment processor they used to create their account.

After the 7-day grace period you may cancel at anytime and no longer be billed.

Given it is your responsibility to manage your subscription with and you agree and understand that all monthly billings are non-refundable also.


* Exceptions that negate the 7-day full-refund

  • If an email blast/broadcast of any nature is done during the 7-day grace period there will be no refund. This is to avoid the exploitation of our mail servers, which we are diligent to keep free from any spam flags and is why we have such a high deliverability rate.
  • Manually importing more than 100 leads within the 7-day grace period.






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